I am Zach Hamilton, a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, I’m a strange byproduct of the public education system. A firth is a word for a body of water and a spaceman is a person who ventures into a boundless void. A firth spaceman is a photo of an ominous figure from the 60s. This site also serves as a dumping ground for thoughts on art, culture, and everything.

I'm still proud of the first website I ever got paid for. Visit if you're ever in Lexington, they sell gas masks.

I’ve posted information below that will help you make a decision about whether or not I’m a good fit for your team or project.

Open for new projects for Summer 2017
For work inquiries or to say hello: zach@firthspaceman.com

You gotta ask me for a resume.

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